Livery Services Overview:

Standard 12’ x 12’ Stable with lighting, water etc.. 2 Acre paddock maintained by us and rotated every quarter. (shared with 1 other) Morning Hot Feed (Winter Only) & Evening Feed (All Year) Daily Rug Change Daily Turnout & Bring-In Adlib high quality hay from our own Timothy and Meadow hay fields Adlib Straw Bedding either Barley or Wheat Straw 40m x 20m arena with Flexiride surface and floodlights No requirement for road hacking with 150 Acres on farm hacking and direct access from farm to brideways. Evening Checks and Onsite Owners. Weekday 5 Day Livery at £330 pcm - which includes weekday mucking out, water and hay as well as a daily rug change and weekday attendance for prebooked farrier and vets. Full 7 day Livery at £360 pcm - which extends the management over all weekends (including Bank holidays) but excludes the Christmas - New Year break. By offering great value, excellent all year grazing, off 150 Acres of off-road hacking direct into Maulden Woods and secure riding in our new 40m x 20m all weather arena with Flexiride, you be sure to enjoy your riding and social experience at Old Farm Livery
PPGROUNDCARE LTD “enhancing boundaries”




P P Groundcare Ltd offers a diverse range of services. From hedgelaying and fencing through to grassland establishment and rejuvenation. Forage and straw contracting throughout harvest combined with selling high quality hay to local stock and equine businesses and invividuals.

“A well managed routine is paramount to the well being of all our horses, combined with good quality all year turnout, forage, bedding, hard feed and stabling in a package to suit most horse requirements.”
“Established for over 30 years. Keep your horse at a beautiful Bedfordshire family run farm with a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere. We have superb off road hacking with 150 acres grassland with direct access to Maulden Woods bridleway network.We have a small, friendly 15 box yard with excellent facilities, onsite owners and high management standards.”